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In order to maximise the dissemination of the project results, guarantee the engagement of stakeholders and have as widespread an impact as possible, the EGG consortium has foreseen the organisation of two multiplier events in two accessible cities: Rotterdam and Brussels.

Because of the pandemic, the first multiplier event is postponed to February 2021. It will hopefully be held in person at Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR, Netherlands).

This one-day event will allow the project partners to present the results and findings of the desk research and analysis carried out under IO1 as well as the first version of the CO2 footprint visualisation tool developed in IO2.

The event is expected to attract a wide audience of stakeholders, with at least 25 local and 25 international participants, including students and students’ associations and representatives, staff from the European Commission’s Directorate General for Education Youth, Sport and Culture (DG EAC) and Erasmus+ National Agencies, staff involved in internationalisation/sustainability in higher education institutions.

The plurality of views and backgrounds will constitute the perfect platform to initiate the discussion on how to ensure a carbon-neutral Erasmus programme that incorporates elements of sustainability in its management and implementation across its three key actions.  The feedback obtained from this exercise will be incorporated into the work done in IO3 to define the right incentives that can help to reduce the carbon footprint of the Erasmus programme.

A hands-on workshop will allow the participants to test and experience the CO2 footprint visualisation tool and to provide feedback that can be incorporated in the second development round.

The second multiplier event will be be organised and hosted by the Erasmus Student Network in Brussels in October 2022.

This location has been chosen in order to make our second and last multiplier event more attractive towards the first target group of our project - European policy makers - as the headquarters of the European Commission are in Brussels.

This event will attract 80 participants with at least 35 of them coming from outside of Belgium. Attendees will include staff from the European Commission (DG EAC) and Erasmus+ National Agencies, staff involved in internationalisation/sustainability in higher education institutions, student associations.

 The setting will be ideal for presenting the final results of the project and for discussing the uptake and scalability requirements of the CO2 footprint visualisation tool, as well as any possible synergies with the relevant blocks of the European Student Card Initiative, such as the Erasmus+ Mobile App or Mobility Tool+.

Above all, the event will allow the project partners to advocate for the introduction of incentives and carbon-offsetting options into the new Erasmus programme (2021-2027) according to the results produced in the third intellectual output.

The partners will be able to present and discuss the handbook, guidelines and policy recommendations developed under IO4 and to debate the changes that could be introduced in the Erasmus programme to make it carbon neutral.

The participants to the conference will walk out with a clear understanding of the carbon footprint generated by the current Erasmus+ programme; the carbon scenarios for the future programme; the possible solutions on the table, and the steps needed to translate them into policy actions.